What We Cover

Farm Buildings Cover

From our wide range of insurance covers available, you can choose those that apply specifically to your own farm business.  Select insurance for farm buildings, produce or farm machinery (at as many locations as you need) to additional insurance cover for items such as loss of milk. Property damage insurance also covers loss of oil, gas or metered water up to £25,000, damage by dumping and fly-tipping up to £5,000, with cover also available for boundary hedges, walls. fences, and gates and damage by emergency services.

Loss of Income Cover

Following a claim under your Farm insurance policy, we can provide cover for the loss of income, or the additional costs incurred, during the time it takes to get everything back up and running again.


Loss of your livestock due to fire, lightning or other risks, cover can also be provided for certain livestock diseases. With our farm insurance, you can also choose specific animal cover if you prefer, so your most valuable animals are fully protected.

We cover the following:

Sheep worrying

There continues, in many areas, to be a significant risk of sheep worrying. Uncontrolled dogs can cause significant damage to a sheep enterprise in a very short period of time.


The risk of theft is a problem in many areas, particularly given recent increased values of sheep. Many farmers are including this cover on as a necessary precaution.

Full mortality (specified livestock)

Livestock are normally insured for specific perils as already mentioned. We would recommend that any particularly valuable animals such as stock bulls are insured on a full mortality and loss of use basis. Full details are available on request.

Bulls – fertility guarantee

If you are selling pedigree bulls cover can be provided for the vendors guarantee.

Working dogs

Working dogs are now very expensive to replace, with most insurers not providing cover unless specified, or imposing an upper value limit which is in many cases inadequate. If the business has working dogs these should be specified on your insurance schedule.

Employers' Liability cover to protect you

Our Farm insurance provides £10 million employers' liability cover to protect you should an employee be injured on your farm and it is proven that it was your responsibility. In addition this also covers you for unlimited legal defence costs and corporate manslaughter defence costs.

Public Liability

You can choose up to £10 million public liability insurance cover should you require that level to protect you if your farm business is found to be at fault for injury suffered to a member of the public or damage to their property. In addition this also covers you for unlimited legal defence costs and corporate manslaughter defence costs.

Environmental Impairment Liability

By law, farmers are now responsible for the clean-up costs due to their negligence or accidental damage that results in contamination to the environment. This applies to;

     1. Own land clean-up costs

     2. Other land clean-up costs

     3. Emergency containment costs

     4 .Environment Agency expenses/charges

     5. Reinstatement of natural habitat costs

In addition, it makes no difference if the pollution or damage occurs suddenly or whether it has been a gradual process stemming months – the polluter still pays! This legislation is controlled by public, criminal and civil law making it extremely onerous; the potential is that this could result in bankruptcy

Legal Expenses cover for when you need help most – Commercial And Home

Legal Expenses insurance is also included as standard. With this cover you have legal help on hand in the event of property and contract disputes as well as any legal issues relating to employment or tax. They can also cover your legal defence fees for disputes with HSE, APHA or the Environment Agency. Legal fees relating to public rights of way and agricultural tenancy disputes are covered too. What’s more, you also have access to a legal helpline and online legal document library covering issues like Health & Safety policies, guidance on drawing up a will and risk assessment templates.

Cyber Insurance (Protection if your computer is hacked)

We are far more likely to suffer a Cyber-attack than a Theft or Fire loss yet most people do not realise that they can protect themselves against such an incident. With our exclusive Cyber insurance cover, you will be protected against:

Cyber extortion – we will protect you if a hacker tries to hold your business to ransom.

Hacker damage – this covers the cost of repair, restoration or replacement if a hacker causes damage to your website, programs or electronic data.

Cyber business interruption – if you cannot trade because of a Cyber-attack, we will provide cover for loss of income to your business.

Crisis containment – you will receive expert support to contain and limit the attack which is critical to your business reputation.

Breach Costs -  we offer practical support in the event of a data breach including legal advice, notifying customers, etc.


We can cater for the following Diversifications

• Bed & breakfast

• Bio Diesel production

• Bio Mass production

• Camp-sites

• Caravan storage

• Corporate entertainment

• DIY livery

• Farm machinery manufacture

• Farm shops

• Fencing

• Haulage

• Holiday Lets

• Landscape gardening

• Letting of commercial & residential buildings

• Open farms

• Retailing of meat and dairy products

• Wind and solar energy installations

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